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Virtual office service in Denmark

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In times of such widespread internationalization of businesses, the ability to manage business flexibly and effectively on a global scale is becoming a key aspect of success, which becomes especially easy when using virtual office services. Internationalization encompasses all activities undertaken by a company in international markets. This includes exporting products or services, establishing business relationships abroad, joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing, franchising, foreign direct investment and other forms of cooperation between business partners operating in different countries. With advances in technology and dynamic changes in global markets, entrepreneurs are looking for more and more innovative solutions that will enable them to expand faster and easier into international markets and operate effectively in new territories. Virtual offices are a fairly new, but widely used solution by entrepreneurs from all corners of the world, which is perfect for expanding business internationally.

For many companies, access to international markets is an opportunity to strengthen competitiveness and further development. It also opens up the possibility of exchanging experience and knowledge with foreign partners, which in turn promotes the improvement of technological skills and facilitates the use of cheaper resources. Internationalization supports companies in improving their organizational capabilities, enabling them to operate effectively in international markets. Companies also have the opportunity to leverage their resources in foreign markets, build global market power and achieve international scale. In addition, it reduces risks associated with market volatility through geographic diversification. Internationalization also contributes to expanding the market and increasing production. Using a virtual office is a quick and easy way to start expanding your business into more foreign markets.

Denmark, as a country with a developed economy and a stable business environment, offers favorable conditions for doing business internationally. Choosing a virtual office in Denmark can be a key decision for companies that seek to internationalize their business. With a virtual office, a company can more effectively connect with foreign partners and serve customers on a global scale. Flexible management of human capital and resources, as well as minimization of costs through the use of a virtual office service, contribute to effective operation in international markets. Consequently, choosing a virtual office in Denmark enables a company to enjoy the benefits of internationalization while minimizing the difficulties associated with it.

What is a virtual office?

Over the years, it can be seen that more and more companies are working in hybrid or remote mode. Thanks to the development of technology, the opportunities for business growth have also expanded. Nowadays, in many countries, so-called Virtual Offices are being created for freelancers and start-ups, as well as for large global corporations. A virtual office is a digital working environment that offers many benefits and allows a wide range of choices for the right place to work. Many such offices have addresses in the centers of major cities, and this benefits the status of the company.

When a company enters the digital world, there are many new opportunities and benefits, such as at least time savings, reduced maintenance and rental costs and the ability to work remotely. Despite the fact that Virtual Offices are still a misunderstood option for some, every year their number increases.

There is a requirement to have an office in order to register a new business. You can choose a Virtual Office instead of working from home or renting premises.

If you do not rent premises in Denmark, but wish to register your business there, the Virtual Office is such an address that can be used by you for this purpose.

Your correspondence can be sent to the Virtual Office address, after which it will be forwarded to the address of your choice, or scanned and delivered to your e-mail address. The choice of the more convenient form is up to you.

Virtual office service allows you to save money, as you then do not rent office space if you do not use it on a daily basis. Besides, you don't have to worry about receiving mail.

What are the benefits of a virtual office specifically in Denmark?

The economic climate in Denmark is extremely favorable for entrepreneurs. It provides stability and security, which attracts a variety of companies from all over the world. Robust regulations also greatly help build confidence in the business environment, which in turn promotes long-term business growth.

Denmark not only has a knowledgeable workforce, but also a technologically advanced infrastructure, which greatly encourages business and increases productivity. In addition, a stable economy with minimal corruption strengthens the confidence of investors and business partners.

Denmark is often seen as a leader in the fields of sustainability and innovation, which can be attractive to companies interested in operating in these sectors. Also noteworthy is Denmark's strategic geographic location as a center for trade and communications in the Nordic region and Northern Europe, which allows easier access to the broader regional and global market for start-up companies.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to establish a business at a Virtual Office address?
Yes, all you need to do is fill out an application, which we will then process as soon as possible, send you a request for additional documents and payment of the invoice, after which your business in Denmark can be registered by you at your Virtual Office address.

What authority does the Virtual Office fall under?
This question depends on the address that is used for registration. Each address is administratively subordinate to certain offices, e.g. the tax office, the district court, the Social Security Administration. The competent office for a virtual office is the office under which our virtual address falls.

Can I use the Virtual Office address on my website or for marketing purposes?
Yes, you can. A Virtual Office works the same way as a physical office, but is much cheaper.

Can I set up a Virtual Office before setting up my business?
Yes, you can, but with such a procedure comes additional paperwork and documentation. Before registration, you need to get the virtual address needed for registration, after which, once the business is registered, it will be possible to create a Virtual Office. With registration comes the requirement to confirm the right to use the premises.

What are the benefits of having a Virtual Office?
- You can work remotely or hybrid
- Reduced office maintenance costs
- No need to rent premises
- Quick contact with clients
- Saving time
- Own e-mail address
- Own mailing address
- Reduction of the company's carbon footprint
- Easy team management
- Progress in the quality of office work
- Running the office according to your own rules

What is the cost of a Virtual Office?
The cost of a Virtual Office is less than a traditional office. This solution is beneficial to the company both financially and environmentally. It can reduce the cost of renting and maintaining an office, and there is no need to buy office equipment. In addition to the standard Virtual Office services, additional services are also possible. This is associated with additional costs. These can include renting meeting rooms, or additional services such as accounting or mail delivery.

What impact can opening a Virtual Office have on a company?
With the opening of a Virtual Office, new opportunities arise. An office in the digital world allows a company to improve and streamline its work. Working in a new space makes it easier to contact clients both by phone and email. Thus, a huge growth opportunity for the company and greater professionalism emerges.

It is also worth noting that a Virtual Office is a very good environment to work in. It often affects better motivation and organization of work. Good conditions are important for both start-ups and large, experienced companies.

Is it possible to receive scans of correspondence?
Yes, you will receive scans of correspondence as soon as the letters arrive at the address of the Virtual Office.

Is it guaranteed that the Virtual Office has its own postal address?
Yes, each Virtual Office has a postal address. This means that your mail and business correspondence will always be in the same place, and it will be very easy for you to receive mail. This separates your business mail from your private mail and streamlines your business management.

Mail can be forwarded by e-mail, stored and scanned. For an additional fee, mail can be sent to a specified address.

Does the Virtual Office have an email address?
Yes, many offices have them. Having your own email address is one of the biggest benefits of a Virtual Office. It makes your company more professional. Having your own email address makes it easier to manage your business. Everything is in one place and you can access documents anytime and anywhere. It also becomes easier to manage through your own email address the work of the office.

The advantage of a business email address is also the ability to separate private and professional matters. Maintaining a balance between private and business affairs allows for greater productivity and improved work results. This is a beneficial outlet for any company.

Your own phone number is just as useful in a Virtual Office as an email address.

Is a Virtual Office Safe?
Taking care of your own security should be a priority for any company. Network security is key when running a virtual office. The level of cyber-security in Virtual Offices is improving every year in order to be able to work efficiently and smoothly. If someone decides to run their business through a Virtual Office, they can do so conveniently and without unnecessary worries.

Does the Virtual Office offer the possibility of hybrid or remote working?
Virtual offices offer the option of hybrid or fully remote working. This can definitely be beneficial for many companies. Hybrid/remote working can reduce both office maintenance costs and a company's carbon footprint. In addition, moving your business to the modern digital world streamlines management and record keeping.

Is it legal to use a Virtual Office?
Yes, using a virtual address for your business in Denmark is completely legal. We use premises that meet the requirements of the Danish Money Laundering Act. Having a post office box is not enough to register a company in Denmark. It is not possible to receive letters in person.

Are a Virtual Office in Denmark and a Virtual Office in Poland different?
Many Danish Virtual Offices operate on the same principles as Polish ones. Virtual offices operate very similarly in both countries. There are some, such as a different language and currency, or a different way of managing the office. The matter of the latter depends largely on the company running the office.

Can my company's documents be sent to Poland?
Yes, on the last day of each month we send one month's documents to Poland. You will regularly receive a scanned copy of your correspondence.

When will I receive a scanned copy of my mail?
Your mail will be scanned daily on a continuous basis. You will be notified of receipt of your letter on the day it arrives at your Virtual Office address.

What happens if I don't pay?
If you do not pay for our service, we will stop processing your mail and it will not be received. Incoming mail will be returned to sender and the company will be reported to the Danish Register of Employers and Debtors. After 10 days from the due date, your contract will be terminated and you will no longer be able to use your Virtual Office address.

Notice period
You are only bound for the period you have selected and paid for. If you wish to terminate the contract, please inform us one week before your next invoice.

Can Poland benefit from a Virtual Office?
Wecurrently offer our services only to companies that have a Danish CVR number.

Letter delivery
Letters can be sent to any address. It is the recipient's responsibility to make sure that the correct information is in the destination mailbox. We can send a maximum of 30 letters per month free of charge (DKK 5 per letter above this number). It is not possible to pick up letters in person.

What documents are sent in physical form?
We send correspondence in the form of letters or small packages. We do not accept palletized mail, only parcels that fit into a standard letter box. Please note that high-value documents such as smartphones and tablets are not delivered by Post Nord to Virtual Offices. We can send up to 30 letters per month free of charge (DKK 5 per letter above that number).

Mailing address
You decide which address we will deliver your correspondence to. You can always change this address. We send scans of correspondence by email on a regular basis, while we deliver the physical equivalents to you at the end of each month. We deliver up to 30 letters per month free of charge (DKK 5/letter if more). It is not possible to pick up correspondence in person.

Is it possible to rent a meeting room?
Yes, there is such a possibility. In order to rent a conference room, the date and time of rental must be agreed in advance with the owner. In addition to the conference room, it is possible to rent additional services, such as guest services or use of office equipment. Additional fees may be charged for the rental of the conference room.
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