Posting Invoices in Denmark

To send invoices for posting, the easiest way is to scan them and send them directly to the accounting system using an app or by sending them to the system. However, it's worth considering other options too. One alternative is to use a phone app specifically designed for sending invoices such as Billy's Billing, e-conomic, or Dinero. This allows you to take a picture of the invoice and send it straight to the accounting system. Another option is to send invoices by both email and snail mail or to save them in a Dropbox folder and share them with your accountant or deliver them in person. Invoices for posting should be sent monthly, but for small businesses, quarterly posting may be sufficient.

Danish businesses should provide their accountant with such documents as:

  1. Supplier invoices: All supplier invoices issued to the company must be sent to the accountant.
  2. Sales invoices: If sales invoices are issued through an accounting system such as e-conomic, there is no need to send them to the accountant. However, if sales are not invoiced through the accounting system, the sales invoice must be sent to the accountant in PDF format.
  3. Cash reports: Entrepreneurs who receive cash payments from their customers and make a daily report are required to make and send a cash report.
  4. Receipts for smaller purchases: The entrepreneur is required to provide receipts for smaller purchases made in a store, if the amounts are not large. The Danish tax authority accepts receipts for purchases up to 700 Danish kroner.
  5. Bank statement: The entrepreneur must also show a bank statement showing all payments made.