Converting Invoices to E-Economic Format in Denmark

Scanning invoices into e-conomic is a practical way to store them digitally in the system. Invoices that can be scanned include supplier invoices for larger purchases and invoices for smaller purchases. To scan a supplier invoice, select the Leverandør invoice scan type and fill in the date, supplier name, invoice number, total amount, payment term, and other relevant fields. For smaller purchases, select the Finansbilag scan type, and fill in the date, amount, currency, and account information. Then, select the opposite account and enter any relevant accounting notes.

How do I scan invoices into e-conomic using the e-conomic app?

  1. Download and install the e-conomic app on your phone.
  2. Place the invoice on a well-lit flat surface.
  3. Open the app and log in using the login credentials provided earlier.
  4. Click on the "Ny" button.
  5. Scan the invoice into e-conomic by clicking "udgift," placing the camera on the invoice, and taking a picture of it.
  6. Add any additional information about the invoice, if applicable.
  7. Click "submit" to complete the process and see the invoice in e-conomic.

To see both pages with all fields in e-conomic, swipe right and left.